My story is like yours. Growing up in sunny Florida is where I blossomed into the eco-conscious lifestyle influencer I strive to be! As I'm always searching for ways to lighten my footprint on the earth, I'm constantly finding those options aren't always available, easy, or affordable.

We live in a world that idolizes disposables and consumption, a plastic paradise that can feel like an ocean of overwhelm. But it doesn't have to.

It's time to put the planet over profit and realize the power really is in your pocket.  With every sustainable product you choose to switch to, our planet takes a sigh of relief. And without even knowing it, your small actions do make a big difference.

We're a sustainable marketplace that helps you shop mindfully without wasting time. We're providing our community with eco-friendly bundles and refillables that are made with sustainable ingredients and materials, so you can take the guessing out of switching.

Rock Preserver is a resource to make sustainable living achievable and easy. You know you can not only get what you need, but you can be part of the solution and have a positive impact.  To buy mindfully, to buy for good.


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